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Human Resources

Human Resources

Convenient, Affordable HR Compliance

Managing your workforce pulls you in many directions. It also inherently involves risk and unknowns, particularly as compliance demands for employers continue to increase.

To assist, we offer tools that cost-effectively and conveniently reduce HR compliance risk and save time as you seek additional help. In fact, when it comes to HR compliance and quickly finding answers to your HR questions, we offer industry-leading, affordable tools.

Whether it’s to quickly find answers and HR resources through our HR support portal, gain access to our team of HR Pros, or access on-demand training, we offer best-in-class solutions to assist.

HR Support Center

Cloud-based HR Support Portal

Finding answers to your timely HR questions can be challenging, which is why accessing HR support 24/7 with our cloud-based support portal is so invaluable. From employee handbooks and job descriptions to HR answers and other common HR documents, addressing your HR compliance concerns can now be both cost-effective and efficient.

HR Support Center includes...

  • Easily find laws at-a-glance or by topic
  • 3-minute HR Audit to help quickly identify HR compliance gaps
  • Find employee handbooks, job descriptions and other HR docs
  • Up-to-the-minute law alerts
  • Easy-to-understand state and federal law libraries
  • Customizable employee handbook template

Need access to HR Pros? See our HR On-Demand

Additional Features

  • Federal Laws
  • State Laws
  • Employee Handbook
  • Policy Library
  • Job Descriptions
  • HR Forms
  • Checklists & Guides
  • Letters
  • Document Customization
  • Handbook Development
  • Access to a HR Professional
  • Performance Management
  • Hiring
  • Terminations
  • HR Glossary

HR On-Demand

Unlimited Ask-the-Pro Support

From FMLA to ACA and EEOC, employers face a growing list of compliance challenges. Access unlimited HR support from a team of certified HR Pros with our HR On-Demand option. A variety of challenges, questions and unknowns can occur in the course of doing business. Whether online or over the phone, now you can gain access to a level of convenient, cost-effective expertise you can’t find anywhere else. Let us help enhance HR processes and resources or simply assist with your ongoing HR challenges.

The HR On-Demand Difference

  • Everything included in HR Support Center plus...
  • Unlimited ask-the-pro consulting online or via phone
  • Up-to-the minute ticket tracker
  • Free quarterly harassment prevention training
  • Custom employee handbooks
  • Custom job descriptions and HR documents
  • HR Concierge Live Chat Assistance