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ACA Compliance

Streamline ACA Compliance

For Applicable Large Employers with over 50 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees and who are subject to Employer Shared Responsibility Tax, also known as “Pay or Play Tax,” a number of additional reporting requirements, compliance and tax liabilities apply. However, in most cases, an in-house solution cannot fully address the growing complexity of ACA compliance.

Whether it’s the monitoring, reporting or producing the appropriate documentation, a workforce management suite with integrated ACA management solution is an invaluable resource for minimizing paperwork and avoiding penalties or non-compliance risk. For such reasons, we offer an ACA Dashboard to assist employers in tracking employees and generating required ACA documentation and annual reports.

The ACA Dashboard

  • You work with your benefits professional to outline and document your strategy for ACA compliance
  • Then you set up Measurement, Administrative and Stability Periods for both Ongoing and New Variable hour employees.
  • The ACA Dashboard tracks employees and utilizes this data to generate the necessary ACA documentation required by law.
  • Exports reports to Microsoft Excel.
  • It also generates annual IRS reports for Applicable Large Employers and can manage an unlimited number of companies in one location, all within ACA requirements.
  • Now is the time for planning and compliance.