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Payroll Reporting

We understand that as an employer, having on-demand, real-time access to reporting plays a vital role in managing your workforce and its related costs. With our robust reporting engine, you gain the ease-of-use of accessing numerous standardized reports right when you need them, along with the flexibility of user-friendly custom report writing tools. With our Quick Reports and Report Wizard solutions, building your reports is convenient and comprehensive.

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Beyond Basic Payroll Reporting

As a small business, you require more than standard payroll reporting. Our platform ensures your historical data is always saved and backed up, accessible anytime it’s needed. Your critical reports can be set to run automatically on a specific date or triggered by specific parameters you define. Your reports can then be conveniently exported to PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, TXT and other formats. Finally, you can easily save your custom-built reports to be retrieved quickly and anytime for on-demand analysis.

Standard payroll reports include:

  • Payroll Register
  • Payroll Summary with Cash Requirements
  • Department/Labor Reports
  • Tax Liability Summary
  • Benefit Accruals
  • Check/Direct Deposit Registers
  • and many more...

Role-based Permissions & Employee Self Service

What’s more, through extensive role-based security, each unique user can be assigned a role with a set of security permissions, offering numerous options to define what areas of the system they may access, tasks, and how they run reports.

For employees, our Employee Self Service (ESS) portal offers access to the essential data they need on a continuous basis, such as W-2’s, pay stubs, personal info and benefit statements. Offering such access improves engagement and reduces administrative time spent on HR.