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Simple, Scalable & Powerful

Employer OnDemand

From payroll and HR to timekeeping and reporting, access full payroll solutions from a single interface. This multi-functional, robust payroll platform can be used as SaaS or can be white labeled for an accounting firm providing services to dozens of payroll clients.

  • A SaaS solution with Lauzen Payroll's personal touch
  • Your payroll system will be customized to fit your every need due to Employer OnDemand’s extensive features and functionality – be as autonomous as you want
  • A scalable solution utilizing current and relevant technology
  • An enterprise system allows you to input, calculate and close payroll directly from your office
  • The back office work is conducted by LauzenPayroll
  • Accounting firms can provide personalized payroll solutions as well as branded banking and tax portals to their clients